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Do you need advice in your community of owners?

In Villaverde, one of the 21 districts that make up the city of Madrid. In this municipality located in the extreme south of the capital, we provide a global service, where the management, administration, and legal, labor and tax advice, makes us foresee in advance, implementing the solution before any possible conflict is generated.

The property administrator of inmho will help you with the control of the accounting and the treasury of the community for what we realize periodic reports, the audit of the accounts of the above-mentioned property or even the elaboration of minutes of the meetings of neighbors. Consult the telephone number and address of the best administrators in your area.

In our office of Villaverde our experts carry out activities such as:

  • Preparation of notices to the community of neighbors.
  • Initial review of the situation of the community to identify areas where savings can be made and improve the service.
  • We advise communities on legal, fiscal and technical matters.
  • We convene, prepare and attend all the meetings of the community of neighbors. We execute the agreements reached by the board of directors.
  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to solve incidents.


In addition, in inmho we have other services such as:

Real Estate:

  • We take care of making 100% professional photos.
  • We make the blueprint so that the possible buyer can understand the distribution of the house. We publish the ads in an agile way, with original wording that faithfully describe the characteristics of your home.
  • We have agreements with the main real estate portals, which allows us to always advertise your home on the first pages.


Rental management:

  • Issuance of receipts and collection of rents.
  • Processing and follow-up of incidences.
  • Monthly accounting reports.
  • Representation against public bodies.
  • Presentation of tax forms.
  • Exhaustive control of defaulting.


“Very good professionals and very helpful” José Luis Ramírez.

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