Every year, 1 out of 5 community properties considers changing manager due to ineffectiveness in solving problems. The most common reasons for change are usually delays in the basic management of the community due to cumbersome working mechanisms, linked to a lack of communication from the manager, whose response is always delayed. To this, we can add a lack of personal treatment from the manager, and a lack of empathy manifested in the failure to listen to the demands of residents.

Despite bad experiences with their property manager, only 1 out of 3 community properties that consider the change actually manage to replace the manager. This is generally due to the perception that the experience will be similar to any homeowners’ association, the feeling that the transfer of management can lead to periods without activity, or the incompatibility of opinions between residents that leads to the lack of a forum for undertaking changes. In many cases, these false premises make the mismanagement of a community become chronic, generating discomfort among residents and added work for the president. At inmho, we are at your disposal to facilitate change and guide the management of your community.

The change of property manager can be approved at any time by an Owners’ Meeting (ordinary or extraordinary) with a double majority of votes and owners. Although there may be a contract signed with the manager for a term greater than one year, the Horizontal Property Law establishes that the renewal of the property manager’s position is to be carried out for a term of one year, therefore any periods longer than this are not valid.

In the event of making the change in the middle of the property manager’s term, inmho will offer to cover the remaining fees in force with a limit of 3 monthly payments. We are also available to the community to draft the summons for the Owners’ Meeting where it is intended to propose the change. In this document, you can find out what we can do for you and your community.

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